The Starr Conspiracy (2023)

The Starr Conspiracy (2023)

The Starr Conspiracy (2023) : An aspiring young journalist ends up an unwitting chess piece in a strange mystery involving a murder, missing data, and the identity of the space-pirate Captain Drake. When Leo’?s friend is murdered in a plot to destroy data concerning Captain Drake, he must run for his life as he realizes the missing data is still in his possession. Along the way, he faces angry alien pets, starship chases, a love-hungry villain, and an army of pirates as he stumbles across the answers to the mystery. Written and illustrated by “The Metabarons” artist Juan Gimenez, this satirical and humorous ride through the future (and the past!) delivers the graphic style and virtuosity you would expect from this master of the form






















注:CBZ文件是指Comic Book Archive,是一种用于存储数字漫画书的文件格式。CBZ文件实际上是一个压缩文件,其中包含了一系列的图像文件,通常为JPEG或PNG格式。可使用专业的漫画阅读器软件,如CDisplay、Free CBZ Reader等,这些软件可以直接打开cbz文件,并提供了方便的导航和缩放功能。或者使用常见的压缩软件,如WinRAR、好压等,将cbz文件的扩展名改为zip,然后解压缩,就可以看到里面的图片文件。



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