X (Twitter) ReVanced v10.47.0-release.0

X (Twitter) ReVanced v10.47.0-release.0

It’s a patched version of X (formerly Twitter) app with the ReVanced patches for the X (formerly Twitter) package.

➠ Changelog:
– Features
● Twitter: Add Sanitize sharing links patch (#3003) (186b887)
● Twitter – Unlock downloads: Unlock GIF downloads (d0f91c8)
● X: Add Open links as query patch (#2730) (ba75a51)

➠ It’s based on the latest ReVanced features, bug fixes and optimizations for X (formerly Twitter) app

➠ Applied patches:
Dynamic-color ◆ Replaces the default X (Formerly Twitter) Blue with the user’s Material You palette.
Hide ads ◆ Remove ads from Twitter.
Hide-recommended-users ◆ Hides recommended users.
Sanitize sharing links ◆ Removes the tracking query parameters from links before they are shared.
Unlock downloads ◆ Unlocks the ability to download any video.